Remedial Massage & Cupping Therapy

Hi, my name is Anthony. I have had several careers during my time doing the things I had to do to, now I am in the fortunate position to be doing what I love to do.

In 2019 I gained my Diploma of Remedial Massage with Gordon TAFE.  This has enabled me to engage in many methods and modalities to help my clients achieve pain relief and restore physical function.

I came to this point through my own pain journey. I found myself seeking the assistance of a therapist to manage and alleviate pain. The most frustrating thing I found while I was seeking help and answers, was that the therapist often wasn’t listening to me. They seemed to be set in a routine of how to treat the symptom & not the cause.

That has transformed me into the therapist I am today. My personal mission statement is to have two conversations. One with you and one with your body. I feel it is only through listening to what you have to say and what your body is telling me that we can start to get to the bottom of why you are feeling the way you do.

When I am not trying to help people with their own personal pain journey I spend my spare time trying to keep up with my active 11 year old daughter and instructing as a Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) with Cho Wa Ryu Jiujitsu.