The Abrosia Team

Meet The Therapists


Remedial & Sports Massage, Dry Needling Therapy
Hi my name is Fabian. I have come from a corporate background for most of my working life and have always been interested in a health and well-being.
I decided a few years ago that I wanted a stress free work environment and needed to feel the reward of making people feel better.
I enrolled into a Cert IV Massage Therapy Practice with the AIAS and obtained my qualification as a therapeutic massage therapist in late 2014. In 2015 I completed my Diploma in Remedial Massage and am treating clients from many varied backgrounds with Remedial, Sports and Therapeutic massage techniques as well as Dry Needling therapy and pregnancy massage. I am a registered member with the Massage and Myotherapy Australia.
The fulfilment I now receive in my work is greater than I could ever have expected and I hope to continue with further studies in specialised pregnancy massage to develop my skills.
My motivation is to help people improve their well-being through the medium of massage and remedial therapies.


Aromatherapy, Pre Natal Massage & Vibrational Therapies
Hi my name is Ross. I have worked in food & beverage manufacturing and quality systems most of my adult life.
I have always had an interest in alternative therapies and aromatherapy since I was in my early 20’s.
I decided to finally pursue my interest in aromatherapy and completed my Cert IV in Aromatherapy with AIAS in mid 2015.
In June 2017 I completed my Certificate in Pregnancy Massage with Pregnancy Massage Australia and I plan to enhance my skills in pre-natal and perinatal massage by attending the Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage course in November 2017.
I have learned that Aromatherapy is so much more than just aroma as the name implies. It is an incredibly powerful tool which can work on many psychological and physiological levels. In my time working with clients I have been able to help alleviate many everyday conditions with the simple application of combinations of essential oils.
I find the combination of Aromatherapy and massage an energising and wonderful way to connect with clients and it gives me great satisfaction to know that such a simple gift from mother nature can have such profound effect on a person’s health. This, when combined with pre natal massage therapies  and subtle therapies such as Chakra and Crystal healing, can have many beneficial effects on one’s spiritual, psychological and physical well-being.


Remedial Massage, Cupping & Lymphatic Drainage
Hi, my name is Liz. I have been working in Retail for over 20 years and finally decided it was time to follow through on one of my earliest passions – Massage Therapy.
In 2015 I started a weekend course in massage at the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy and before the end of the first day I signed up to study the full 2 year Diploma course. I had found my calling!
Learning from passionate teachers who still work in the industry, I graduated in 2017 with a Diploma of Remedial Massage with up to date knowledge and skills in a variety of areas including Sports Massage and Cupping, as well as basic skills in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, an area I am eager to continue learning about.
 I am a registered member of the Association of Massage Therapists.


Remedial & Thai Massage, Reflexology
Hi my name is Alice and I am the most recent addition to the therapy team at Abrosia Therapies.
I am a qualified remedial massage practitioner (Remedial Diploma from CMI Australia) and a member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia.
Having many years of experience and training from my country of Thailand, I am qualified in both Traditional Thai & Combination Thai massage as well as having certificates in Reflexology and Siam style Aromatherapy Massage techniques.

I also can

I can provide private health insurance rebates for remedial services.


Clinical Hypnotherapy
Hi my name is Stephanie and I have been part of the corporate world in various leadership roles over the past 10 years.
Having spent the past 8 years working with people suffering mental illness, disabilities, and lifestyle issues, I pursued further studies and achieved qualification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist.
I am also passionate about investigating the benefits of hypnotherapy upon the process leading up to and encompassing conception as well as incorporating other therapies at the clinic to help achieve positive outcomes for couples trying to create a family using natural methods.
I am truly dedicated to helping people reach their full potential. I understand how debilitating and serious issues such as anxiety and depression can be. I also know that so many people suffer in silence….at times to absolute tragic outcomes.
When I am working with a client, I am completely focused on their success. Whether it be quitting cigarettes, managing anxiety, self- esteem concerns or even overcoming fears, it becomes my mission to work with my clients for a really positive outcome.
I am a qualified practitioner of Hypnotherapy and I am a member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association.


Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine
Hi my name is Michel, I have recently joined the team at Abrosia Therapies Wellness Clinic as clinical nutritionist and I am completing my BHSc in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine through Endeavour College in Melbourne. I am also a member of The Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)
Prior to commencing study in nutritional medicine, I spent many years studying and working in Tasmania and Melbourne as a qualified early years child educator.
I always struggled with weight fluctuations and hormone imbalances in my early 20's. While seeking answers for my own health issues I developed a passion for nutrition and the human body which lead to a career change. Now I spend my time helping others on their own health journeys.
Outside the nutrition rooms you'll find me hiking, running with my dog, reading or cooking in the kitchen creating delicious recipes.